Amor Laut

San Jose, Batangas

Established in 2017 and in operation since 2021, Amor Laut emerged as a successor to the former Vistamar Beach Resort. Spanning 2 hectares along the coast, the property boasts 14 expansive suites, an open-air grand restaurant, two refined pools, and a luxurious garden and multipurpose area capable of hosting events for up to 200 attendees.

The pools undergo daily maintenance, and the restaurant seamlessly blends Western specialties with local traditional dishes, enhanced with a unique flair. The garden provides a serene setting where a variety of rare birds have made their home and nesting space.

Amor Laut takes pride in offering a splendid venue for events suitable for any occasion, be it business events, corporate meetings, weddings, or team-building outings. Each event is meticulously planned with a personalized touch.

Having completed phase 1 and with phases 2 and 3 in the pipeline, Amor Laut is already establishing a new benchmark for quality, dedication, and service in the area, with a constant commitment to ensuring our guests are satisfied and return for many years to come.

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Features & Amenities

Aircon Rooms
Swimming Pool
Outdoor Seating
Always Open

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